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Aambee has been the best Web development company I have worked with. They have met or exceeded my expectations on every project… They have allowed me to bring all of my projects together under one roof and begin to develop an integrated product and code base that can be leveraged across all of my existing and forthcoming services.

vTiger 6.1 Webfrom Fix

on Friday, 07 November 2014. Posted in Web Expertise


Create this Table in MySQL:

CREATE TABLE `vtiger_webforms_field` ( `id` int(19) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `webformid` int(19) NOT NULL, `fieldname` varchar(50) NOT NULL, `neutralizedfield` varchar(50) NOT NULL, `defaultvalue` varchar(200) DEFAULT NULL, `required` int(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `captcha` int(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `roundrobin` int(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `roundrobin_userid` varchar(256) DEFAULT NULL, `roundrobin_logic` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', PRIMARY KEY (`id`), KEY `webforms_webforms_field_idx` (`id`), KEY `fk_1_vtiger_webforms_field` (`webformid`), KEY `fk_2_vtiger_webforms_field` (`fieldname`), CONSTRAINT `fk_1_vtiger_webforms_field` FOREIGN KEY (`webformid`) REFERENCES `vtiger_webforms` (`id`) ON DELETE CASCADE, CONSTRAINT `fk_3_vtiger_webforms_field` FOREIGN KEY (`fieldname`) REFERENCES `vtiger_field` (`fieldname`) ON DELETE CASCADE )


Then run this query

ALTER TABLE `vtiger_webforms_field` ADD `sequence` INT NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `required` , ADD `hidden` INT NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `sequence`


Now replace this file

/layouts/vlayout/modules/Settings/Webforms/ FieldsEditView.tpl (Download from below Link)



What are the best options available for Portal Developers

on Sunday, 20 April 2014. Posted in Web Expertise

Portal Framework

The signal of a good portal is when you can use one point of entry to gain access to one or more applications. Everything should be linked together properly, or the user wont enjoy using the portal. Personalisation matters a lot when choosing the correct portal. When a user logs in to the portal, the portal must be able to understand the users requirements and only show data to the user which is relevant to the users chosen settings. This should be the job of the portal developer.

All the information in this write-up is not bias. This article has been written to give you an idea about portals and to help you in making architectural decisions. Below a few features of a portal have been listed:


The portal developer must repair the infrastructure that exists carefully when creating a portal.

Single point entry

There should be one login id an password to access all content and data so that the user does not have to create multiple accounts.


One of the most important feature of any portal is personalisation. Data should be modified according to the settings requested by the user. The portal developer should be able to hide data that is not required.

User preferences

The preferences of the user must be clearly defined. This includes the storing settings, the amount of feeds and all other information the user would like to get.

Access rights

Portal developers don't give all access to every user. Some users might have very few privileges. API or GUI or both are used to restrict data access.

Personalisation and aggregation are used in portal framework to grant different issues. The web application developer can meet all system requirements through effective and adequate work.

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