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The Advantages of using Aambeesoft’s Android app Services:

  • We are a large team of Android app developers
  • We will give your user interface a very appealing layout
  • We are app strategists and give you advice on how to promote your app
  • We will test the app extensively for possible faults and fix it before we release it to you

Aambeesoft is a foremost App development company based in Wembley, London that has sound experience and years of expertise in creating futuristic Android apps. We have well experienced developers on our team who work on the latest releases of android that come with innovative functionality’s and a lot of enhanced features. The moment you choose Aambeesoft to create yoaur Android app for you, you can be sure that your app will be a successful application on the Google play store.

Our team makes sure that we keep the target audience in mind while creating any app. We are well experienced with the android SDK, OpenGL and Unity 3D. We develop completely customized android applications to meet our client’s exact requirement. We thrive to deliver quality android applications at reasonable prices.

When you hire us to create an app for you we make sure that our developer, user interface designer only works dedicatedly for your project till he has not completed his part of the work. In this way we deliver you a highly customized android app with a very quick turnaround time.

Our Android Apps Solutions includes:

Commercialized Android apps:

We develop very engaging commercial android apps by designing spectacular app layouts and using specific features required by the client. We can integrate third party APIs which will make the app even more interesting to use and content can be shared easily via different social media networks.

Enterprise Level Apps:

Aambeesoft developers have years of experience in creating Android apps at an enterprise level. We can provide you with an intuitive app usage experience by our wonderful user interface design. We will work very closely with you to understand your enterprise app requirements and will make sure we incorporate the features in to the android app successfully.

Porting the Android Application

We can migrate your Android app to your preferred framework like iPhone or Blackberry seamlessly. We will make sure that the user experience on the new framework will remain completely intact.

We thrive to create value for our customers. You can contact us today. Kindly fill the contact us form if you want to get a android application developed. We will contact you to discuss more about the project and also provide you with a non-obligation quote for your app.

E-Commerce Solutions

We develop eCommerce solutions using the latest technologies available on the web. We keep evaluating solutions available in the e-commerce marketplace so that we can help our clients to achieve their goals. the solutions we provide will be tailor-made to fit your requirements and the budget that will fit your business finances.

If you are planning to get your shop online and start a new eCommerce business, your need will be more heavier than the average website owner or blogger. Your eCommerce website could start generating a nice steady income for you but in order to need that you will need to get proper eCommerce development done. Many people have various ideas about setting up an online business but the amount of work required to set it up initially puts many people off. Aambeesoft can help you there. We, at Aambeesoft can help you create your very own eCommerce store online.

We can help you by getting you the best eCommerce solution and management tool to take care of your online business.

Some available E-commerce solutions we can help you with:

Magento is an eCommerce web application that is very popular and our team of experts have ample of experience creating Magento based websites. Magento works very well for small websites as well as big companies. We will ensure that the system is set up exactly how you want it to be.

osCommerce(open source software) offers many different versions for their online store management software. We can get this system up and running for you and you will be able to enjoy its benefits without any hassles whatsoever.

Zen Cart is a PHP based shopping cart system that our team is well experienced in too.

The developers of Open Cart do say that their system is very easy to set up but it can be a bit overwhelming for some people who don’t know how things work. But you can of course choose Aambeesoft to set it all up for you.

We are even very much familiar with many other shopping carts like PrestaShop, Virtuemart, etc.

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML 5
  • jQuery
  • Java
  • JS
  • Postgre SQL
  • Python
  • git
  • Node

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