Benefits of vTiger CRM

vTiger was originally branched from SugarCRM with the sole intention of making it completely open source. vTiger offers many free features that include reporting, inventory management, security management, RSS feed subscription, PDF document generation, Customer service and support, activity management, Marketing automation, email integration, calendaring and a lot more. We are Aambeesoft specialist in customizing any open source software like vTiger for you so that you can streamline your business processes.

Aambeesoft is a CRM development company based in Wembley, London that provides vTiger development solutions such as customizing your vTiger, developing vTiger modules and also integrating vTiger to third party application such as: Ebay-vTiger Integration, Amazon-vTiger integration, Magento-vTiger Integration, Joomla-vTiger Integration etc.

We build customer portals that are profitable for your company and will help you retain your customer profile and also increase your existing clientele.

vTiger has the following benefits:
  • It is completely free and open source
  • The business interaction with your customers will be streamlined maximizing your sales and improving customer service
  • vTiger CRM has very excellent features available for lead management through which the ownership will be assigned and will allow you to fluently manage your sales pipeline
  • The sales engine is streamlined and it increases your business
  • Marketing campaigns can be managed and your ideas can be more innovated
  • With vTiger you can run mass email campaigns to your customer contacts from your database and also keep track of the effectiveness of the campaign
  • Targeted price books and your inventory can be tracked through vTiger. Quotes, sales orders and invoices can be generated helping you manage the overall sales process and fulfilment tasks.
  • Customer service levels are monitored through vTiger and proper follow-ups are also ensured. You can customize vTiger and create a customer self-service portal.
  • Drill-down dashboards are enabled that generate reports.
  • It has a easy to use UI and can be upgraded very easily
  • It loads very fast and is not complicated to use.

CRM Development

The importance of ERP and CRM tools for any business

In the 21st century where lots of competitors are after each other fighting on all grounds which include marketing, sales and customer support, using ERP Software (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a smarter move to handle every activity of the organisation effectively and efficiently.


For running any business more practically and manage all the area of an organisation "giving insight view" of daily activities like planning, inventory, finance, HRM (human resource management), sales, marketing, accounting, project management, e-commerce and support services one should use Enterprise resource planning (ERP)


Customer relationship management enables business owners to plan, track and manage their their daily customers and retaining them. CRM offers many useful tools to handle leads and campaigns based on its status. Each lead can be handled with care and marketing activities can be performed to convert the lead to a successful customer of the organisation. CRM also offers other important tools like lead management, Contacts management, Organisation, Vendors, Purchase orders, Sales orders, Invoices, PBX, SMS Customer portal, emails and workflow to automate many tasks automatically.

We at Aambeesoft are a team of experts who have the ability to understand your ERP (Enterprise resource planning) requirements thoroughly and also customize/develop an ERP specific to your industry provide that will make life easy for you.

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