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We, at Aambeesoft constantly thrive to provide all are customers with a great range of products that meet the demands of this every growing industry. The most important factor to get success in any online business is to have a catchy website that is user friendly. We, At Aambeesoft will make your Big Commerce website user-friendly and clean to draw customers to it. We do know that every client has specific requirements, thats the reason each website is custom-designed by us to meet you exact specifications.

A website for any company is your face to your client. Its always the first impression that matters the most. To improve sales a website and attract customers a website should be easy to navigate and look beautiful. If you don’t want to use a template, we can custom design your website which caters to your specific business. Our team of expert developers will turn your dreams into reality.

The following are the main features that are available in our BigCommerce websites:

Site Management

  • You can control multiple websites and stores through one admin panel
  • You have the Web Services API that will make it easy to integrate your Big Commerce with any third-party application or Magento too.
  • All upgrades are one-click
  • Multivariate testing and the Google Website Optimizer for A/B

Tools for Marketing and Promotion

  • Coupons with different pricing rules and can restrict it to a selected store, customer, time period, category or product
  • Promotional Pricing

Reports and Analytics

  • Report Overview in the Admin dashboard
  • Shopping cart report
  • Customers reports by total number of Orders

Search Engine optimization

  • Google SiteMap
  • URL rewriting
  • All Meta information for categories and its products

Catalog Management

  • Import/Export Catalog
  • Google Base Integration
  • eBay Integration
  • Digital and Downloadable products
  • Support for special prices and advancing pricing rules

Catalog Browsing

  • Layered Navigation to filter products in Categories
  • Layered Navigation to filter products in the search box
  • Compare products
  • Review products

Browse Products

  • Each product has multiple images
  • You can zoom in and view the product

Checking Out

  • One page check out is enabled
  • Checkout allowed via Guest account


  • You can ship the product to multiple addresses
  • Multiple shipments are allowed per order
  • Free Shipping


  • The payment system is integrated with Google Checkout
  • Magento Connect provides payment extensions
  • Its configures to authorise and charge, or you can only authorise and change only when invoices are created

Now, since you have seen all the wonderful features that come along with BigCommerce why not request a quote from us and let us help you to get your business online.

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  • MySQL
  • HTML 5
  • jQuery
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  • JS
  • Postgre SQL
  • Python
  • git
  • Node

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