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Aambeesoft are experts in Odoo ERP customization. Open ERP is extremely scalable and highly modular and can be used by small and medium-sized companies. All the modules will be integrated fully, and any user enterprise have the change to choose from a huge range of features and the costs can also be minimised. The fundamental paradigms of this development are accessibility, simplicity and flexibility.

The programming and customization that are carried out on a Odoo platform allow for applications ot be created for any specific needs. Odoo has a very good UI, and its very easy to use so the training time is reduced drastically. With this, license costs can be avoided completely.

Why to choose Odoo (OpenERP) ?

  • Comprehensive

    If your current ERP system lacks the features that you need Odoo has over 1000 modules and many functionalities that can meet all your business needs. The functionality of Odoo/ Open ERP keeps increasing with each day as its being actively developed and supported by the community.

  • Modular

    Odoo/ Open ERP is highly modular. You can start using it with a few modules and add more if you need them later.

  • Latest Technology

    The technology stack of Odoo/ OpenERP is very up-to-date and modern. All technologies are developed regularly and also adapted to the latest paradigms, and its the same with Odoo/ Open ERP.

    Do not wait for the technology you are using currently to turn completely obselete!!
  • Low Costs

    As we all are clear that more functions and better technology always increases costs, sometimes it can be very hard to see past the actual investment that is put in. Cost savings in a few areas can justify the expense of a new ERP system: Administrative costs, Obsolete inventory, Maintenance costs and operating costs.

  • Consolidating the systems.

    Are you looking to consolidate all ERP systems in your company into one? Running many systems has many problems as its difficult to keep it all standardized and there is lack of consistency in data. A consolidation strategy is required here that enables all companies to unify their business processes in a very effective and easy manner.

  • Fully Customizable

    Odoo/ OpenErp is a very flexible and easy to use software. It can be customised to meet all your business requirements. All companies need to keep innovating in this highly competitive and fast changing world so that they can match up with the business scenarios in todays world. The right tools are needed to achieve this.

  • No Lock-in

    The software can be downloaded and used free of charge. It can also be tested.

Aambeesoft is a open-source CRM and ERP software programming company that is located in London. We are experts in customizing and configuring ERP systems for all kinds of companies.
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