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HTML 5 was very popular when Apple had started endorsing it when it was not supporting Adobe Flash. It had become a go to language, and had an increasing number of mobile based audience.

HTML 5 is in trend because it has wonderful capabilities to benefits businesses from web applications to web designing. HTML5 - Hyper text Markup Language is the 5th version of this language and is also known as ‘the language of the web’. The last release of HTML is a favourite between web designers and developers as it is combination of JavaScript and CSS and it helps you to create intuitive, simple and user-friendly web pages very easily.

Aambeesoft, based in London. have greats strengths in HTML5 Apps (Mobile and Web) and we have been proving this from the past many years by providing world-class apps to our clients.

Our expert developers have with their knowledge and expertise mastered the art of coding in HTML5 Development very easily.

Why to use HTML5?

Compatible - Its highly compatible with phones windows, PCs and all existing browsers.

Smart Interface - When it comes to media on websites, HTML5 is self sufficient, as users dont have to go through the hassle of downloading Flash or Silverlight to run any media.

Geo-Location enabled - Location based apps can be made using HTML5.This is the mobile age and consumers love geo based apps. Besides this, HTML5 can also be used for transportation apps, gaming platforms and entertainment.

HTML5 Mobile Apps Programming

  • HTML5 App Services for iPad, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone
  • Aambeesoft are experts in HTML5
  • We provide you with consistent technical support You can consult us on any HTML5 requirement.

By using HTML5 Aambeesoft’s team of experts are able to create wonderful applications and tools for different kinds of mobile operating systems like IOS, Symbian and Android.

Our team of expert can create gaming solutions and also business applications that are cost-effective and intuitive.

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