MySQL is a main part of the LAMP environment and many companies are using MySQL for their requirements and as an alternative to expensive paid softwares, Aambeesoft is not behind as 80% of our database development work is carried out using MySQL.

Many people prefer to use MySQL as its absolutely free, very reliable and easy to use and maintain. It can be setup very easily too. We, at Aambeesoft have experience of working with MySQL for years and never faced an issue using it as once it has been installed it sits there happily for years with only some small modifications required. MySQL is a very simple database , is not cramped up with thousands of features that are not required. Its main feature is that it can have a number of different engine types which will all suit the application in question.

Most of the worlds largest and rapidly growing companies use MySQL as it saves them time and money and also helps them to power their high volume websites. Those industry leaders include Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Wikepdia, Nokia, just to mention a few.

MySQL is a open source database that means it is available free of charge and can be distributed freely. You will have complete access to the source code. If, we at Aambeesoft do the programming work for you, you the customer will have complete access to the source code.

The MySQL database software is a client/server system that has multi-threaded SQL servers that support different kinds of back-ends, and many client programs and libraries, administrative tools and a huge range of APIs.

We, at Aambeesoft are experts in providing multi-threaded libraries that can be linked to your applications to give you a small, fast and easy to use product.

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  • Postgre SQL
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